Philip Whitford Posts

Hi! I’m Philip Whitford and I’ve been helping small businesses with their digital marketing for over 15 years. I’ve helped them to improve their online presence by developing strategies that work specifically for their business. If you need help with your marketing or need a website, then please get in touch for a chat and see how I can help!

Are you wanting your business to perform better online? Need to generate more sales or increase leads? You have come to the right person. I can help with every aspect of your business online. I can help build a website suited to your business, on the right platform that will suit your needs and budget. I can help your business grow online and ensure your online presence is adding to your business.

Looking for a new website? There are so many options when it comes to buying a new website. If you need some advice on what platform to use, I can help guide you in the right direction and build you a website to suit your needs and budget. Just have a look at my current portfolio for some inspiration.

When looking to spend money on a service to improve your business, sometimes it’s easier to make a decision when you see evidence of previous work. So click through to my Behance portfolio and have a look at my previous work carried out for past clients. It ranges from design work for social media content, branding involving logo design and website design.

There are two main areas that I like to write about. Marketing and technology. I also like to give my opinion on a lot of things. So follow me over on Medium to keep up with my meanderings on all things social media, website design, Apple, Microsoft and anything else that takes my fancy. By the way, Medium is a great blogging platform that you should have a look at.

Twitter has to be my favorite social media platform. Hands down. It’s great professionally, to find work, follow influencers and make new contacts in Northern Ireland and further abroad. It’s a great platform to engage with other people and build relationships. On a personal level, I’m able to follow everything I’m interested in, brands, sports and online personalities. Try it out and give me a follow for some tips on using it for your business at @philipwhitford!

Instagram is a great platform for graphics, photographs, and short videos. It serves the current demand for visual content and is experiencing exponential growth as a social media platform. It’s a platform that if utilised well, it can put your business or products in front of a large audience. If you want to find out more then give me a follow or get in touch.

Ah, Facebook… the solution to every businesses problem. The ‘free’ platform that every business needs to be on to market their products to their audience. This is what we have all heard for the last 5 years. But Facebook is making life harder for businesses, with limiting the reach of posts and pushing businesses towards paid advertising. Follow me on Facebook and hopefully ( 😉 ) see my posts on making a greater impact.

You can also find me on LinkedIn. Seen as the corporate social media channel, Linkedin is great at connecting professionals across all professions. It can also be handy when you are looking for a job or looking to employ someone for your business. Just watch out for the ‘Recruitment monsters’ who lurk in the bowels of LinkedIn ready to hassle you into submission…