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Lets cut to the chase. I was a self employed marketer for over 5 years, making a living building websites, managing social media accounts, providing consultancy to various sizes of business and also doing the rounds of digital marketing talks for various businesses and local councils in Northern Ireland.

My passion was for small business in Northern Ireland, to help as many as possible and to see them succeed. But by the end of the 5 years, the passion had drained and my realisation that I can’t help every business on a small budget is not a sustainable model. Back to employment I went, with the arrival of a baby boy stability is what i needed.

Now working for a growing local business and loving my job, my wee one now 7 months old and sleeping (well, sometimes lol) i still have the passion for small business. Here in lies the reason why this blog exists. To help Northern Ireland small businesses who can’t put much resources into their marketing, to navigate all the trials and tribulations that come with marketing and more specifically the digital marketing landscape.